Robotic Vacuum for Student’s pet hair

Robotic Vacuum
Tired of sweeping the floor? Can you free yourself from the chore with the aid of modern technology? The answer is ‘Yes’ and iRobot has the answer. Since 2002 iRobot robotic vacuum known as Roomba has been helping millions of families around the world to clean their homes at just the press of the button. Roomba is a robovac, another name for an autonomous robotic vacuum cleaner. It is reliable, convenient, smart and efficient. It can remove dirt, dust, pet hair, crumbs and other debris from your hard floors or carpets. It has smart maping capabilities that allows methodical cleaning. It navigates around your whole house, under furniture and cleans up the floor automatically, without much supervision. Its cleaning system is robust and is designed for daily use. It runs on rechargeable batteries. As of 2011, there are 3 generations of Roomba namely the first-generation original models, the second-generation “Discovery” series; and the newest third-generation 500/600/700 Series. All models of Roomba are disc-shaped, 34 cm in diameter and less than 9 cm in height. Each has a large contact-sensing bumper mounted on the front half of the unit, with an omnidirectional infrared sensor at its top front center. There is a handle on most units. Robotic Vacuum Irobotic roomba Pet series 562 Irobotic roomba Pet series 562 is a third generation Roomba robotic vacuum specifically designed to manage pet hair cleaning jobs. It comes with two debris compartments; one designed for its more traditional vacuuming mode, another, to capture larger volume vacuuming.
  • It removes dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens and more, from carpets, hardwood, tile and vinyl flooring effectively. It has internal acoustic-based dirt sensors that allows it to detect particularly dirty spots and focus on those areas accordingly. It comes packaged with infrared remote controls, allowing a human operator to “drive” the robot to areas that needs cleaning.
  •  It cleans on your schedule. You can pre-set up to seven cleaning cycles per week. Roomba automatically vacuums wherever & whenever you chose. It comes with virtual walls to keep it out of areas that you would not want it to cross. This is especially beneficial to homes where children have their own play area with many un-vacuum-able toys lying around.
  • It cleans up to 4 rooms (approximately 100m3 per room) on a single battery charge, up to 7 hours.
  • It has 4 automatic infrared ‘cliff sensors’ on the bottom of the bumper which prevents the Roomba from falling from stairs and other drop-offs. It can detect obstacles and reduce speed when nearing obstacles.
  • General maintenance of the robotic vacuum consists of emptying the debris bin, cleaning the filter, as well as cleaning the brushes. Excessive hair accumulation in the brush system can cause the brushes to stall or overheat the brush motor. If at any time the unit senses that it has become stuck, no longer senses the floor beneath it, or it decides that it has worked its way into a narrow area from which it is unable to escape, it stops and sounds an error to help its owner find it.